Allergies are a nearby disease that many people overlook.

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Allergies are a nearby disease that many people overlook.

Allergy is a disease that has abnormalities. of the immune system where the body will react Sensitive to substances that cause allergies or irritants which will cause allergic reactions This type of disease is rarely fatal. But it will cause interference. to daily life Whether studying or working, allergies are a very common disease. in the global population ทางเข้า ufabet For Thailand Number of patients with allergies It keeps increasing and tends to increase every year. Currently, Thailand has a number Patients with allergies have increased 3 – 4 times compared to 10 years ago, according to statistics from Allergy Association and immunology of Thailand found that 38 percent of Thai children have allergies and approximately 20 percent of adults have allergies.

The majority of the reasons are due to

1 Heredity

2 Pollution

3 Smoking

4 Lack of exercise

5 environmental conditions within the residence, such as raising pets, carpeting, air conditioning It is a good source of collecting dust and dust mites, etc.

Let’s get to know allergies (  Allergy).

Allergy (Allergy) is a disease caused by a response to of the body that is sensitive to More allergens than usual cause abnormal symptoms with the organs in contact Allergens that patients with this disease Each person will have different symptoms. and the severity is not the same because of the type of allergen received And the body’s response to each person is different.

Types of allergens (  Allergen) consist of 2 main types:

1 allergen In the environment and air such as dust mites, fur, pollen, cockroaches, mold, etc.

2 Food allergens such as milk, eggs, nuts, wheat flour, seafood, etc.

Symptoms indicating allergy (  Allergy)

Symptoms of allergy patients (Allergy) occur according to the organs. with inflammation from stimulation of allergens include:

1 rash

2 Hives

3 snot

4 sneezing

5 Itchy nose

6 Itchy, irritated eyes

7 Eyes hurt, tears flow often.

8 cough

9 panting

10 Tightness in the chest that doesn’t go away quickly

11 When you breathe, you make a wheezing sound.