“Blisters” from friction – shoe bites – scalds Should I drill well or not?

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Everyone has encountered blisters that are clear blisters. there is water inside Then it might be itchy. want to deal with it completely but before dealing with it Try reading this information first. And you might want to leave it alone, like that.

Blisters are actually useful!

Friction or slight heat It is the main cause of blisters which have fluid inside. While we’d all like to deal with it, it’s actually the clear liquid inside the blister. More useful than you think! This is because blisters often occur at areas of friction. and that part of the skin that swells up It’s the body’s way of protecting the skin. and the clear liquid in the blister It has the function of protecting the skin below. which is a new skin In addition, this liquid is beneficial for the skin below as it keeps the area clean. thus preventing infection and speed up the symptoms Therefore, even if the blisters hurt But we shouldn’t pierce the water blisters. Except in the case of too large and causing pain or irritation Most blisters go away on their own. without any medical treatment โปรโมชั่น ufabet

But if you want to deal with blisters…

Although blisters are not necessary and should not be popped, they can be removed. But if the blister are very large And you can’t resist wanting to get pierced. Use the following method.

  • Clean and disinfect the needle that will be used for piercing. By burning the fire until the tip of the needle is hot until red. and washed with alcohol
  • Wash your hands and thoroughly wash the area to be punctured. When drilling, the fluid flows out.
  • If you notice The liquid that comes out is white or yellow. that means An infection has occurred and must be treated by a doctor
  • The skin around the blister puncture should not be pulled out. In order to prevent the emerging skin below.
  • Apply a disinfectant to the puncture site.
  • Watch for signs of infection. is that the area where the blister feels warm and red there is pus coming out or redness around the blister and widening