Each type of dental floss has its pros and cons

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Each type of dental floss has its pros and cons, and how to choose one that is right for you. Most people’s teeth cleaning is just brushing. Plus, some people only brush once. Which will not clean the teeth much Limestone usually occurs shortly after. Because food scraps will be plaque that is very sticky and sticky and cause problems with teeth and gums, plaque formation, inflammation and bad breath.

flossing may not use often once a week. Twice is still good is enough to help remove plaque or food debris along the gum line or between the teeth neck teeth to fall out because of normal brushing. Difficult to make those stains come off. And brushing hard bristles, vigorous brushing will cause the neck of the teeth to wear apart at ยูฟ่าเบท.

different types of dental floss

There are many types of dental floss, which one do you choose? Convenience and ease of use should be considered first. If it’s inconvenient to use, it’s difficult to bully and refuse to use like this.

dental floss line

For dental floss that we often see in general convenience stores. General groceries are not sold. You have to go to 7-11 or order through Lazada.co.th. It will be Oral-B, DENTISTE, but there are other brands to choose from. Most of them are about 50 meters long, considered the same length. The property will be coated with cotton candy with beeswax. for slippery and safe for gums

in personal opinion It’s not convenient to use. Because between the mouth to floss Saliva is often dripping. I have to go in front of the washbasin. Water must be prepared for gargling. Hands are all messed up. annoy And lazy to use, even knowing that it’s good for teeth, but the inconvenience make you not want to use at 

Dental floss with handle

This type of dental floss is a more user-friendly, more convenient option because it’s a handle. not slippery and finger pain Because it has to be wrapped around the finger, it may be split into 2 types. 1. Dental floss with a small handle. There is a food waste ashtray. but be careful, some models are very sharp.

other accessories complement each other

Using dental floss is not as fast and convenient as using a tartar scraper. It is faster than scraping food stains along the neck of your teeth. will make it faster therefore should be kept together switch to use


There are many things to clean teeth and gums and must have all of them. So that cleaning can be done quickly, easily, conveniently, you won’t be lazy. Teeth will not stain food or the accumulation of plaque. If accumulated for a long time, it will be very sticky. Normal brushing cannot make it come off. Must use dental floss or scraper only if taking care of it often, plaque does not accumulate. It reduces the chances of plaque formation, inflamed gums and bad breath problems that follow, saving a reasonable amount of money for treatment.