Headache tells of disease

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Headache tells of disease

1 headache on one side

The characteristic of this type of headache is that there is often pain. only one side of the head There may be some side moves. But mostly it hurts. Just one side Often there is pain in the temple area. The sensation is throbbing with the rhythm of the pulse. Often the pain Headache tells of disease increases when moving the body and often have symptoms More and more severe and will cause pain. behind the eyes and head together Some people may be sensitive to light and sound and may experience nausea. Occasionally accompanied by vomiting

This kind of headache is a pain cause by migraine. Which is one of the diseases.

That creates suffering to patients around the world More than 10 percent in Thailand have statistics. of migraine patients, more than 17 percent, with the majority being women more than men

The duration of the pain can vary. in each patient Some people may experience pain for up to 72 hours, which is generally the case. Ordinary painkillers Paracetamol form Often it is not effective for Migraine headaches require stronger pain relievers. Therefore, you should consult a doctor. It would be better to prescribe medicine. Another thing is If you frequently have headaches from migraines, your doctor will be able to recommend preventative medicine.

2 Headache (Headache), dull and heavy.

Have you ever had a headache? A dull, heavy pain in your temples, forehead, middle of the head, and nape of the neck. The pain is felt equally on both sides of the head. It may start at the back of the head and neck, then down to the shoulders Or you may have pain from your shoulder. It can come up to the head.

This pain may be continuous. Lasts only half an hour. Up to several days, some people may have pain for a long time It can be continuous every day, for weeks, or months, or Headache tells of diseaseit may come and go. The pain is usually constant. No more severe pain From the beginning Most of the time it is a feeling of dull pain, heavy enough to be annoying or uncomfortable. But there will be no fever, no symptoms of nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, or pain that increases when exposed to light. or there is movement of the body, which may range from pain After waking up in the morning Or if you experience pain in the afternoon or evening or after Work hard or have anxiety

If this is pain that you are inviting You may be encountering headache due to Stress has already set in.

Stress headaches are one of the most common headaches. Among people of working age at present Mostly caused by Tightening of the muscles in the head, neck, and face, which may be stimulated. With many stimuli including contraction of the shoulder and neck muscles from sitting position, stress or lack of sleep

If you have a headache like this, which may be relieved by: Take normal painkillers. But if your headache continues for a long time, you shouldn’t be complacent. Consulting a doctor will help provide accurate knowledge. To take care of yourself and conduct This is where Telemedicine medical technology can help you. In this matter very well Because you can see a doctor You can get it as soon as you want. without wasting time Travel to see a doctor It’s especially suitable for the lives of working people like us.

3 Headache or toothache

There may be times That you feel pain in your jaw line and jaw, then spread to pain on both sides of your head. It’s a pain like something happened. Strangulation on the head or dull pain or there may be pain around the eyeball as well.

It may sound unbelievable. At this kind of headache The real reason It doesn’t come from the head. But it comes from a problem. About our dental health This is due to the teeth, jaw joint, masticatory muscles, neck muscles, and shoulder muscles. They have a relationship with each other and therefore have influence. It can give us a headache.

If we have a problem Regarding abnormal bites such as crook teeth, fallen teeth, teeth that have been extracted, and chewing of food. Unbalanced on one side muscle work The gem is also unbalanced. Because of working hard, going from side to side with no Headache tells of disease chance to rest. working all the time cause it to accumulate of pulling heavily Until finally changing to Pain in the head instead

This kind of pain is call referred pain, that is, the source of the pain is in one place but the pain is felt in another place.

Therefore, solving the problem is not just about taking painkillers. But you should consult a doctor. For a correct diagnosis, if your headache symptoms come from a dental problem You will be able to consult a dentist. To examine the inside of the mouth and continue treatment

4 Pain in the forehead and eye sockets

If you are feeling To the dull pain in the forehead, the burning sensation in the eye sockets, including the cheekbones. In some cases, you may feel similar to ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app a toothache There may be pain on only one side. or pain on both sides Sometimes there may be symptoms. Dizziness with pain and pain is usually greater in the morning or afternoon and when the head is bent. or change positions

Pain of this nature when accompanie by other symptoms such as symptoms Cold,

stuffy nose The snot is continuously flowing for a long time, coughing continuously, and the breath has a bad odor. It can assumed that It’s not just a normal headache, but you may also experiencing symptoms of sinusitis.

Sinus (SINUS) is the air cavity that surrounds our nasal cavity on both the left and right. Its job is to provide warmth. and humidity to the air. That is breathed in in the respiratory tract. Helps adjust speech Helps in perceiving smell and create mucus to provide humidity and washes out the nasal cavity Normally. This junction is open and mucus, or clear fluid, builds up in the sinuses. It can flow and drain. Can go into the nasal cavity