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t’s so hot Take a look at the summer activities of each country.

It’s so hot, what should I do? Take a look at the summer activities of each country. This summer is hot! Cool down activities in Thailand might be a trip to soak up the atmosphere of the southern seas. Swim and enjoy the coral reefs. or kayaking and rafting to see

Each type of dental floss has its pros and cons

Each type of dental floss has its pros and cons, and how to choose one that is right for you. Most people’s teeth cleaning is just brushing. Plus, some people only brush once. Which will not clean the teeth much Limestone usually occurs shortly after. Because food scraps will be plaque

The cause is caused by abnormalities body.

The cause is caused by abnormalities body. Headaches can be an early symptom of hyperglycemia. It’s one of the symptoms of pre-diabetes. Hyperglycemia is caused by too much glucose (sugar) circulating in the blood. This leads to chronic insulin resistance , leading to type 2 diabetes. Hyperglycemia is an urgent

Nutrients that the body needs in a day.

Nutrients that the body needs in a day. Nutrition is an important part of our daily lives. Because these nutrients provide the body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. The human body needs a variety of nutrients. including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to maintain good

No matter how much “coffee” you drink, you won’t get drowsy? 

Caffeine is a substance that can be found in food and beverages such as tea, coffee, energy drinks. When the body has been exposed to caffeine. going to increase the chemicals in the brain helps the body to wake up fight fatigue For this reason, many So people turn to coffee. To

The dangers of “clean eating”

The other day, in a conversation among big girls (not age, it means body shape) talking about eating clean food, it’s very cruel. Some people invest in organic fruits and vegetables. low sodium condiments good olive oil And superfoods like quinoa, chia seeds, come to cook and eat at home, spending

Frequent burping after eating, just “indigestion” or “acid reflux”

Frequent belching after eating is a symptom that many people worry about due to indigestion. excess acid in the stomach Or is it because of acid reflux disease ? ยููฟ่าเบท Frequent burping is a sign of what disease? Frequent burping after eating may be caused by eating too