How do you treat the mole at the house?

How do you treat the mole at the house?

Many dacha owners are ready to make every effort to equip their own “countryside phase”, to turn the territory of the house into a blooming garden or “green lawn”. What tricks do gardeners have to use to turn a plot into a real “fragrant oasis”? If the land on which the metropolis is located is not suitable for agriculture, there is a need to import soil from outside, fertilize the soil, and take care of it. Hard work soon bears fruit – happy owners of countryside real estate have the opportunity to enjoy the views of their hands-grown greenery, use in food fruit and vegetable crops harvested from beds. Are you know about ants in a car?

Experienced summer cottagers are well aware that all their efforts will be wasted if the site is inhabited by moles. Not everyone understands what is harmful for agar purposes, these cute animals, destroying not only worms, but also a lot of pests, small animals.


For most country house owners, fighting molestation in a vegetable garden is the number one challenge, as the damage to green spaces is enormous. The animals masterfully dig a network of tunnels at a depth of up to 20 cm. The root system of garden crops is the same distance from the upper edge of the soil. It is clear that rodent activity has dire consequences for the garden – in a matter of days, a “blooming garden” can turn into a desert. The peak of mole appearance falls on the summer period – at this time the plants need to grow actively, to be poured by force. There are more than one earthworm animal – if you notice one mole, you can be sure: in the tunnels they travel at least 10 units.

To the destruction of moles in the garden led to the achievement of the desired result, it is worth betting on the application of a set of measures. Practice shows that individually, none of them can be considered effective. Ultrasonic repeller on animals do not work, poisonous compositions are also not able to lime the “laborers” from the developed territories. On the positive side, the reusable mole traps, which are established on the way to the passages. Durable traps reliably destroy the animals moving through the tunnels – it is on them to bet on the professionals involved in the owners of countryside real estate in order to rid the site of the hated diggers.

A trap with extended closures is inserted into the tunnel. It should be remembered that the mole instantly reacts to sharp smells, possessing a powerful sense of smell. Covering the traps with turf, you can distract the moles from them – turf has the same smell as the soil. Complex work on the expulsion of moles implies the use of a set of methods – in order to rid your area of 10 hectares from animals for a long time, it is necessary to install at least 10 traps placed in the course of the system of underground tunnels.

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