How to Control Mealybugs on Indoor Plants

How to Control Mealybugs on Indoor Plants

If you like to breed domestic plants, you should definitely learn how to fight the mealybugs. A mealybug is an insect that feeds on the juices of a plant and can cause serious damage in the short term. The product of its life activity is nectar, which attracts ants ants and promotes the reproduction of mushrooms, called black mold. This type of insects is spread almost all over the globe. That’s why controlling their numbers is an important step in keeping your home greenhouses healthy. Infestation with a worm can be spontaneous and population growth can occur exponentially, resulting in very serious damage, including the death of the plant.

The fight against the mealybugs begins beyond your doorstep. Carefully check all new flowers for the presence of mealybugs before you bring them home.

Be sure to control the soil of your existing species for excessive fertilization. These insects are particularly prone to breeding in nitrogen-rich soil – so feed the flowers only when necessary. Prepare all the necessary tools and chemical solutions before fighting the mealybugs. Wear rubber gloves for all operations.

If you find any worms, remove them from the stems and sheets with a cloth or paper towel. They must be crushed. Rinse the cloth thoroughly. If you are using paper towels, you should put them in a garbage bag and throw them away immediately.

Remember to check the plant for worm egg bags. These bags look like cotton balls sticking to the sheets.

Touching mealybugs with a cotton balloon soaked in alcohol will kill the insect.

To prevent pests, wash the plant regularly with a delicate detergent.

Spray the leaves and stems with oil or soap spray. These aerosols will destroy the colony by drying it out or by depriving it of air. However, this method is quite difficult because egg bags can hide under the leaves and in other hard-to-reach places.

Factory pesticide treatments can also be carried out to obtain immediate results. However, these aerosols are only a short-term solution to the eradication of insect colonies and are not effective as the only means of protection.

If the plant is heavily affected by mealybugs, it should be discarded. Sometimes there are situations where it is almost impossible to get rid of an overgrown pest colony.

The most common case of contamination with powdery mealybugs is when a new plant brought into the house is affected. Make sure that there are no insects or eggs on the specimen before you buy one. Before you get rid of the mealybugs, make sure that this is the insect you are going to take action against. A photo of the mealybugs will help you to recognize the pest.

If you buy plants, it’s a good idea to quarantine a newcomer within a few days. You should also observe the appearance of worms. Even if you don’t see any insects or eggs on the leaves and stems when you buy them, they may well be in their packaging or filler.

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