Baccarat 1324 formula 2022

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Baccarat 1324 formula 2022

I will teach you the 1324 Baccarat formula, which is a formula for making money that is popularly used around the world. I didn’t make up my own mind. But I studied and learned to use it. After studying and trying it out, it works great. Personally, I think it’s better to use it than to spend money randomly. or under each eye equally. Making money using the 1324 Baccarat formula helps to increase the chances of winning. It’s safer. So if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Is this strategy suitable for?

The 1324 Baccarat strategy has been around for a long time since 2006. This formula works well for bets that feature DOWN 1, WINS 1, LOST 0, 50/50 odds of winning. Similar to tossing a coin (Baccarat and Roulette), which if you look at  Playing the entrance is:  ทางเข้า UFABET  It’s actually pretty close to 50/50 with a chance of winning, see below.

Probability to bet on each side

  • Banker’s side 0.458597 (in the long term, it will be more on the banker’s side higher probability value)
  • Player side 0.446247
  • Always 0.095156
  • In this formula, we should gamble only to the shore. Banker and Player only two sides Because the probability that it will produce results is very similar if we compare the proportions only on these two sides. The exit rate is 50 50.

Therefore, betting on the banker’s side is the most likely. that it will bear fruit Because the casino has the least advantage if you look at the House Edge, but in fact it is not always. When it comes to playing for a short time Because even the banker’s side has a lot of chances But anyway, it has to go to the player’s side. The short term is not very measurable. Everything is not according to the statistics. Let’s say that when playing, look at the history of the design of the table that came out of it. we will make the right decision

The amount that will be returned if you win.

  • down the banker’s side If you win, you will get your money back 0.95 times.
  • down the player’s side If you win, you will get 1x return.

It is a small casino advantage, only the banker side charges a 5% commission.

How to use Baccarat Formula 1324

1, 3, 2, 4

divided into 4 eyes,

  • first eye down 1
  • win, second turn down 3
  • if win, third eye down 2
  • If wins, fourth turn down 4

or it may be said that

  1. The bet wins, you bet on the next turn in order.
  2. If the bet loses, you go back to starting at 1.
  3. All 4 bets win, you go back to starting 1 again, making a profit of 10 times.

I have tried to design a table to make it easy for Thai people like us to understand.