Easy way to bet horses Get money in your pocket.

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Easy way to bet horses Get money in your pocket.

A racehorse is a sport where competitors race horses, whoever finishes first is the winner of that lap. Each lap can complete. So quickly there several laps of horse racing one day. About ten cycles per day. This gives the bookmakers the opportunity to bet a lot per day and can know the results of the bet quickly enough. Teaching newbies to bet on horses Easy way to bet horses to get full money in your pocket

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Introducing a simple way to bet on horses.

Teaching newbies to bet on horses A simple way to bet horse. Must first start with going to the racecourse to watch. The actual race in order able understand. The rules of the horse race or to watch the race online as well. There are ten to fourteen horses in this ten-day race a day. And every number will attache to it for easy selection of bets or knowing the winner of each race. Usually bets are divide into three main types, namely, win bets.

Choose one of the horses that you think has the best chance of winning. The payout rate of the win bet will display on the board. That the bookmaker can calculate the payout rate by himself first. For example win rate of 25 means. That if you bet at 100 baht, you will return 250 baht or get a total profit of 150 baht.

Teaching newbies to bet on horses A simple way to bet on a horse. The next bet is to place a bet. Or choose to bet on horses. That will be rank 1, 2 and 3. Which bets like this will get a lower payout rate. Choosing to bet on a win. That chooses only one bet Place bet is to choose a single bet that has a chance to enter the top three places. It means that if the player chooses to bet on horse number 8.

If horse number 8 enters the third. We will receive a prize. Second place gets award Or hold in first place. We definitely won the prize. The payout rate lower than win bet. If you choose to bet at 100 baht, you will return 180 baht. Which means that you have received a profit of 80 baht.