How to play Pokdeng to get rich

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How to play Pokdeng to get rich Tips to make real money.

Playing Pokdeng how to get rich. Is a game that various gamblers want to use as a way to make the most profit.

 Reading points special types of poker cards

  1. Card point 2 bounces means that the cards in the hand that are holding 2 must be cards of the same suit. Or with the same number will receive 2 times the amount of money bet.
  2. Card point 3 bounces means that the cards in the hand that are holding 3 cards must be of the same suit. Or with the same number will receive 3 times the amount of money bet.
  3. 3 yellow cards or edge cards means the gambler must have All 3. English cards in hand such JQK , KKQ , QQJ , JJK are winning cards 9 points, get paid 3 times stake.
  4. Three cards means that the cards in the hand that hold 3 cards. Must be of the same number. All 3 cards will have a winning point of 9 points. Will be paid 4-5 time from stake.
  5. Sort card means that the card in the hand that holds 3 cards. Must be cards that are numerically arrang. For example 2 3 4 , 7 8 9 will be consider as a sort card but if it is A 2 3. It will not be consider sort card. Because A has a lot of value. the highest and 2 is the smallest. Cannot be sort, sort cards will be paid 3 times bet amount.

How to play Pokdeng online   for profit

Today I will teach you how to play poker. You can start by ทางเข้า UFABET The most popular card masters play Able to generate substantial profits each time And help reduce the risk of having to lose more as well The gambler who plays must set his goals as clear as possible. It is an aid in playing that will make good profits.

– down, but in moderation It is the most popular card game. It’s an easy game to play. no messy rules In each bet, the bet must be placed but fit. Not too much or too little from the available money. And it’s a game of chance playing at half. play mindfully and do not play with emotions There is more to lose than to gain back.

– Plan before playing This is for all gamblers. Who kneel to play with a plan to play in each round. That has been play, for example, today’s deposit at 1000 baht and want a profit of 2000 baht without capital. If losing, it will stop playing just this or win according to the desired goal, it will stop playing immediately and not continue playing Insatiable play has the potential to cost both capital and profit.

– Do not use profit to profit is the belief of the gambler. Who is told not take. Profit that has made to profit risk. That has a very high chance. Play each time, get money to play. Reduce the risk Taking the profit. That has been kept will not sound both capital and profit. It is a game that has a high chance of winning if you can play and play in a calm and calm mood.