Bruno insists the Red Devils are not happy with the season despite winning the FA Cup.

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Bruno Fernandes, midfielder and captain of Manchester United insists that. Winning the FA Cup will not make this season for the Red Devils to be called a success.

United should face an easy task. After taking the lead to 3-0. But in the last 20 minutes, Coventry from the Championship came back to draw 3-3. Until they had to drag it all the way to extra time and the penalty shootout was decidedUFABET 

In the end, the Red Devils shot more accurately and won 4-2 during the duel, advancing to the finals to meet Manchester City.

However, their overall performance this season has been disappointing. Eliminated in the first round of the Champions League. Moreover, currently they are only ranked 7th in the Premier League. They are 16 points behind Aston Villa, the fourth-place team.

“When they score a goal (In extra time) we shot that it might have been offside. We can’t tell from that position in front.”

“We put ourselves in a difficult position. and should be able to close the game sooner. But we don’t want to do it. We have to do much better.”

Asked if winning the FA Cup would make this season a success. Bruno replied: “We will never be successful just because we win the FA Cup.”

“The standards at this club are much higher than what we do. We have to do better in the league in the League Cup and in European football.”