Campbell lauds Tomiyasu for comparisons two Arsenal

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Campbell lauds Tomiyasu for comparisons to two Arsenal full-backs legends.

Former Arsenal star Kevin Campbell has hailed Japanese defender Takehiro Tomiyasu, who has just arrived this season, comparing him to two of Arsenal’s legendary full-backs, Lee Dixon and the Red Devils. Rolong Etame ever

“I think that tough physique and uncompromising mentality are the hallmarks of Tomiyasu,recive news report from UFABET. Who stand out until Arsenal fans are starting to fall more and more in love with the Japanese defender,” said Campbell. Lee told the Hughbury Squad Youtube Channel.

“In the past we’ve seen two outstanding Arsenal full-backs, Lee Dixon and Laurent Etame, especially the latter, who are physically tough and hard to beat.”

“However, Tomiyasu also has a unique playing style. That is, a ball in the air that can defeat all kinds of opponents. And it makes him one of the most complete full-backs in the modern world.”

“Over the years Arsenal haven’t had a lot of good aerial defenders in their squad. And it has become a problem that many coaches are trying to find a solution to, including Arsene Wenger.”

“Finally we discovered Tomiyasu and he will surely become one of the club’s most admired players of all time. I dare to bet.”