Henderson vows to make Origi the final game the most beautiful farewell party

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Henderson vows to make origi the final game the most beautiful farewell party

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has announced that he will make the final game against Wolverhampton. The field at Anfield turned into a very beautiful farewell party for Divock Origi, who are moving out after this season.

“If anyone still remembers. The game we won Wolverhampton last december. It’s one of the toughest matches of the season,” Hendo told the UFABET.

And most importantly. How many times have we won with Divock Origi’s amazing goal in the 90+4 minute. How many miracles has he done for Liverpool like this? So many that I can’t even remember.”

“Sounds clear, if we didn’t get Origi’s goal that day. There wouldn’t be a championship fight until today. That’s why he’s always an important part of Liverpool. Even if it’s not a starting line-up. Who has been on the pitch every week.”

“Unfortunately, it looks like Sunday’s game will be his last game at Anfield. I really hope we can have a really beautiful farewell party for a man named Divock Origi. It should be a very special night for all the fans as well.”

“Origi is a special person in this city, everyone will always remember him in their hearts. Every success of Liverpool must have his name engraved on it. Especially those students-students. Who receive funds from him to get a good education.”

“As captain of Liverpool. I will do whatever it takes to make Origi leave the club in the most honorable manner. Wish you only good things in the future.”