Roy Keane Tengja returns to control Sunderland Battle 2

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Roy Keane, legend of Manchester United Football Club in the English Premier League Became the news to prepare to discuss with Sunderland In receiving the position of partisan manager Black Cats in League One, according to reports from UFABET, the media’s elite

Sunderland. He recently part ways with former manager Lee Johnson on January 30. Following a crushing 6-0 away defeat to Bolton last weekend. Despite being rank third on the League One scoreboard. Just five points behind the crowd

Reports that Keane is set to be interview with the club’s board of directors. Sunderland He is a top choice among the Black Cats in the search for a new manager. Who Roy Keane served as head coach at the Stadium of Light between 2006 and 2008. The team won the Championship in their first season and was successfully promote to the Premier League.

In this regard, Sunderland Just made a surprise on deadline day. Football player market By grabbing the 39-year-old striker Jermain Defoe after the late-night striker part ways with Rangers in mid-January.

Roy Keane is in the running to be re-appoint Sunderland boss following an 11-year hiatus away from management. 

The Irishman, renown for his no-nonsense punditry in recent years, has been expressing for quite a while that he is willing to return to the dugout. While it is excellent to see the former Manchester United midfielder giving coaching another shot, we take a look back at some of his most iconic quotes from over the years. 

Keane has been a goldmine for brilliant quips and phrases over the year. He is so wonderfully outspoken and says everything. He feels about what he sees. Here are some of his absolute best.