Ten Hag criticizes the ghost for his lack of discipline and making himself difficult.

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Eric Ten Hag, manager of Manchester United, criticized the team for their lack of discipline. Until causing yourself to encounter a difficult situation. Even though in the end they beat Coventry in a penalty shootout. Successfully qualified for the FA Cup finals.

United should face an easy task. After taking the lead to 3-0. But in the last 20 minutes, Coventry from the Championship came back to draw 3-3. Until they had to drag it all the way to extra time and the penalty shootout was decided UFABET 

In the end, the Red Devils shot more accurately and won 4-2 during the duel.

“It was an incredible game. It’s a strange game. We controlled the game very cleanly and then let it happen in the final moments of the game. And We showed resiliency to win in the penalty shootout.”

“We were in complete control for 75 minutes and have to compliment Coventry for what they did in the final 15 minutes.

“We have to improve. And We talked a lot about this. First you have to put yourself in a position to win. We must overcome that point. In these moments we make mistakes and not upholding our responsibilities.”

When asked if there was a problem with his mental state. Ten Hag replied, “We cannot say that this group is not mentally correct. Because today they showed their character. But in the last period we lacked discipline.”

“We have to keep the ball, pass the ball, find goals and then be strong defensively. It’s about communication. And we need to improve this.”

What to say before the penalty shootout

“It was about the state of mind at the time. You have a plan and you have complete confidence. So I told them to follow the plan.”

“I’m sure we’ll win in the penalty shootout. Usually Casemiro scores. We practiced well.”

Talk about the feelings in the team after the game. “It’s a mixed feeling. We can be satisfied with our success. Qualifying for the finals That’s what’s important.”

“Even Manchester United, in their prime, have only done it three times. But we did it twice in two years, even though we had to. We have to win the final. When we are 100% we will be able to do it.”

Asked if the team needed to win the FA Cup to make it a successful season.

Ten Hag replied: “I want to win it. I am confident that we have a good chance of winning the final. Even though we have to play against the best team in the world.”

“We still have a chance. We showed that this season.”

“There have been a lot of ups and downs this season. Winning the FA Cup doesn’t make it a success. We want to win more.”

“We’ve been to three finals in two years, which is good. But we’ve lost a lot this season.”

“We have a lot of injuries. And hope those players will come back for the final. If we go with a team that we believe in We have a chance to win the championship.”